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Welcome to Services

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our services in 2016 we are conducting a short customer survey - to start click on the image above. Thank you for taking part.

1) For less than $995 a year World Markets gets your business on Google Pg 1*

1    *95% of customers achieve a PAGE 1 listing on Google in 7-10 days after going live.         
2    One SEO'd Micro page uploaded using supplied Images, Video, Text, 
      Contact Details and Social Media Links.
3    Access to a global business partnering network covering 30+ countries.
4    One or more News articles uploaded to the "SEO'd Latest News" pages
5    Receive one FREE consultation on your present social media status if requested.
6    Referral to affiliate partner programmes if requested.
7    Referral to translation services consultancy if required.
8    Promotion of your listing on social media platforms.
9    Support and attention of our Country Managers where ever you are.
10  Creative support and advice for advertising banners and page graphics.  

2) Primary Service Upgrades

  • The Standard Service includes 3 x 4+ word general search terms, however, some of our clients find it difficult to describe their business in full within the standard allowance. Due to the extremely low cost per year most of these companies will choose to purchase 2, 3, 4 or even 5 additional search terms to ensure all bases are covered.

    Each additional search term (4+ words) is charged at 100.00 per year  
3) Banner and Page Header Graphic Builds

At WMKTS when you subscribe for our STANDARD SERVICE you need to supply us with two advertising banners in jpeg format to designated sizes and also a micro-page header graphic for us to use on your micro-page. Have I lost you there? Don't worry! Read on…..

Banners: Don't have a banner? Or do you have a logo but not sure how to make it into a banner? That is fine. Depending on how much you do have WMKTS will charge you between $50 - $100 for a banner build and then send you the original files to use as you wish in the future development of your business. They become your intellectual property.

Micro-page Header Graphics: Don't have micro-page header graphics? Or not even sure what they are? Or do you have a logo but not sure how to make it into a header graphic? That is fine. Depending on how much you do have WMKTS will charge you between $50 - $100 for a micro-page header graphic build and then send you the original file to use as you wish in the future development of your business. They become your intellectual property.

4)   Multiple Page Purchases

Multiple page purchases are required if you have multiple multi-national offices, multiple service or product categories.  With multiple page purchases it is possible to have a general company page for free and the larger the quantity purchased the higher the potential discount available. Individual deals can be discussed on a case by case basis.  

5)   PR Newswire Annual Press Release Article Awards has a strong partnership with PR Newswire and part of this relationship allows to give one press release article to four of its clients each year. 

A multiple micro-page purchase of 8 pages and above qualifies a client to be included in the annual PR Newswire Press Release Awards. These awards are run and decided by and if a client is the recipient of this award they get the press release absolutely free of charge.

PR Newswire is the press release agency for Reuters and amongst their distribution list are Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance. One press release is valued at $5000.00 for 400 words.

Previous statistics have shown that similar press releases from clients have resulted in 3000+ publications globally in all news media genres.

6)   Government Departments, NGO'S, and Chambers of Commerce recognizes the importance and value of these types of organizations and the services they offer. For this reason offers a free micro-page including all the benefits of our primary service.  

In return for this creates a PDF promotional mailer that announces a partnership between and the organization which is promoted by that organization through their internal network. The promotional PDF mailer includes a discount code for the clients of the organization if they were to subscribe to services.

Any of the organizations clients who do subscribe get a pre agreed % contribution from

7) Video Channel understands that lines and lines of text are often hard to decipher and understand so to help clients understand what we are all about through video we created a YouTube channel and made "David's Story".

To view our primary service steps 1-10 in video simply go to the YouTube channel and take a look at "David's Story" and imagine your company is David.

[WMKTS LTD May 2015 Terms & Conditions]

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