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Mary Murray Coaching.
World Markets
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Mary Murray Coaching works with clients to improve business and leadership performance through supporting the individual and organisation with personal, team and leadership development. Our coaches have significant business experience in cross functional, multi national global organisations and are accredited business coaches.

Our coaching programmes are tailored to individuals and organisations and enable a transformational and progressive approach to increasing business performance, so clients meet new and challenging targets and deliver ongoing sustainable business results. Over the years our coaching programmes have delivered many benefits to clients including:

  • improved communication and presentation skills
  • more effective work relationships
  • increased individual and team productivity
  • higher employee retention
  • better personal and leadership credibility
  • improved stakeholder engagement
  • seamless integration into new teams
  • improved work/life balance
  • improved prioritisation and time management
  • achievement of personal and career aspirations
For more information please have a look at our website or call us on +44 7796758926. 

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