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Knowledge Peers. Practical guidance for Business Leaders.
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Knowledge Peers. Practical guidance for Business Leaders
Knowledge Peers is an on, and off-line service for forward thinking leaders to explore emerging ideas and challenges. We facilitate peer to peer learning between directors of businesses and charities via video-based Case Studies, topical events and specialised research.

Forward thinking leaders come together to share experience, get ahead of their game and engage with one another. Our platform is about facilitating thought leadership – by gathering experiences from the people who make decisions at the top, we have built a library of research, topical insights and video based Case Studies. It provides a unique way for directors to help themselves, and a chance for those directors to shape the future of their sector.

The Knowledge Peers focus is biased towards emerging trends, new ways and new markets. Our tone is strategic, professional, consultative and trusting, but also fun, inventive and sociable. Knowledge Peers is a content business, but we only publish content that is worth watching or reading – content which is relevant, inspiring and thoughtful.

We are both a gatherer of ideas and a disseminator. We invest in research (delivered via Case Studies, market research and reports) and in matching peer groups to relevant ideas and direction. What we sell, is an opportunity for directors across sectors to participate, engage, and to become part of something really worthwhile - something that can genuinely assist other business leaders to develop, and adapt their business. Our members help to shape their sector, alongside experts and thinkers in their field.

How can you get involved?

If you are an individual

Become a Member of the Knowledge Peers community – if you are a forward thinking Director, CEO or part of senior management, we want to hear from you. We collect insights and research from directors and experts who are excited about making their organisation develop – if you have a story to tell, or want to learn from your peers about the trends and challenges on the horizon, take a look at our member options here.

If you are an expert in your field

Experts and thought-leaders drive our content and research – if you are a specialist in your sector, come to us with your ideas. Knowledge Peers see the value in experienced business and charity professionals passing their know-how on less experienced directors. If you have a forward-looking, strategic eye, we'd like to work with you. How can you get involved? Knowledge Peers can work with you on a Case Study, or can discuss creating an 'expert area' for your know-how on our website – a place where you can upload research, insight and profile yourself to members. Contact a member of the team.

If you run a network or group

Become part of a 'one to many' engagement. If you belong to a wider network or group, Knowledge Peers can provide you with an exciting way to engage with your members or clients. Our website tools enable you to deliver your own content, as well as Knowledge Peers research, to a wide-reaching network. Contact us here.

Become a partner

By sponsoring specialist, forward thinking research, you will aid Knowledge Peers' development, whilst engaging with a wide audience of business leaders. By partnering with us, you will engage in thought leadership and become an influencer in the market. Our drive is to develop a research pool to boost UK businesses - sponsorship of our work, and well as expert guidance, can help us to deliver this. Contact us to hear more about becoming a partner.

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Knowledge Peers
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