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Samantha Harlow is an Edinburgh based Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer and Rehab Trainer.

Edinburgh Pilates classes

  • Pilates for Beginners : ideal if you are new to Pilates or have an injury
  • Pilates for Sporty People : perfect if you need a functional class that balances out the body with mobilisation, stretches and strengthening
  • Pilates for Runners : concentrates on re-balancing muscles that can become overused from running. Tight hipflexors  weak glutes anyone?
The outcome of Pilates classes is a balanced body which is both strong and flexible. Emphasis is placed on improving core strength and posture.

Pilates classes have between 6 and 8 participants for maximun attention and individual progression. These small class sizes are ideal to help you improve your technique or if you have any injuries that require a little TLC.

Participating in Pilates classes often recommended by Physiotherapists to help you actively recover from injuries.


Samantha Harlow

Samantha Harlow is an Edinburgh based Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher and Rehab Trainer.

Samantha is a qualified to industry recognised standard, you can find Samantha on REPS: The Register of Exercise Professionals #R0032493.

Samantha is one of the few trainers in Scotland who has industry recognised qualifications (Level 3) in both Personal Training and Pilates. Samantha also has a Level 3 GP Referral qualification and Rehab Trainer certificate. She has a Level 4 qualification 'Exercise for the Management of Lower Back Pain'. (Less than 350 instructors have this qualification in the UK)

Samantha is uniquely qualified to work with clients who are injured and, working with their Physiotherapist or Osteopath return them to optimal health. Samantha has experience training clients who are new to fitness or clients who have lost their fitness due to an injury, illness or change in life style.

Samantha continually keeps her own training and development up to date which means she can pass on the latest research on to her clients. In 2011 Samantha attended workshops with Mary Bowen, known as one as a Pilates Elders as she is one of four teachers left taught originally by Joseph Pilates.

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