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Bio Green Vietnam.
World Markets
Bio Green Vietnam
World Competitive Pricing  ALL Bags, All Sizes, All Thicknesses, All Certified Biodegradable

BioGreen Vietnam has many years experience in manufacturing traditional plastic trash bags in Vietnam. We now recognize the world need for biodegradable and oxo-biodegradable bags, plastic film and packaging especially as many companies go "green" understanding the value of protecting our environment. This is a growing environmental movement and offers a first mover opportunity for many companies in the world to participate through Consumer or B2B sales, or through the internal company / institutional use of biodegradable bags to bolster one's corporate image ...or simply to be compliant with today's responsibilities to our planet earth and our government regulations.

BioGreen Vietnam - A Division of "Vietnam B2B Direct" produces its own brand of biodegradable bags "BioGreenKing" ... High Quality Bags at Value Pricing!

Our advantage is that we have "World Competitive Pricing" ... All Bags, All Sizes, All Thicknesses, All Biodegradable ... due to the fact that we manufacture with reputable - ethically sourced suppliers in Vietnam which employ a low cost labor force.
BioGreen Vietnam can produce various plastic bags and plastic film using the different biodegradable chemical additives such as EPI, P-Life, D2W, BioCom and more. Our products come with Certificates of Quality and certified recognized standards of biodegradability and degrade within a two-year period or less.

We can private label, custom manufacture or simply sell you our own brand of biodegradable, oxo-biodegradable bags, printed or non-printed, single or multi-colored of numerous bag or plastic film or packaging types meeting many different worldwide industry requirements.
Examples of different Biodegradable Bag types that can be produced:
  • Shopping Bags - Lawn Leaf Bags - Caddy Liners
  • T-Shirt Bags - Contractor Bags - Hotel Laundry Bags
  • Carrier Bags - Industrial Waste Bags - Food Packaging
  • Garbage and Trash Bags - Bin Bags - Document Bags
  • Kitchen Trash Bags - Canine Cleanup Bags - Courier Bags
  • Commercial Trash Bags - Airplane Bags - Seedling Bags
  • Many more types available customized to client's needs

Contact Us

Bio Green Vietnam (Division of Vietnam B2B Direct),
Level 6, Room 612, Me Linh Point Tower, 2 Ngo Duc Ke Street, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

North American Offices: 1-905-376-1700

Tel: Vietnam Offices: 84-8-3520-2808
Fax: Vietnam Fax: 84-8-3520-2800

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