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Nippon Clippon: Japanese used auto parts.
World Markets
Nippon Clippon: Japanese used auto parts
Welcome to Nippon Clippon's Automotive home on the internet. At our site you will find Quality used Japanese vehicles, Used auto parts, and Used construction machines. We export worldwide and have been in the business for over 20 years. Our home is your home, feel free to contact us 24/7 for all your Japanese requirements.


Nippon Clippon is a Japanese company based in Kyoto,Nara,Nagoya, and Osaka. We continuously export Japanese auto parts to New Zealand, Australia, America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Actually, if there is a port, then we can ship auto parts to that destination.

Our Products

The main types of Japanese products we ship are used vehicles, used construction machines, used motorbikes,used tractors, used jet skis, used outboard motors, and used boats. We also provide quality Japanese used auto parts for you to choose from. We have a large range of gasoline or diesel engines, front nose cuts, front half cuts and all used panel requirements.

We have access to many Japanese vehicles and used engines with an absolutely massive range to choose from. Our staffs buy only the highest quality auto parts and engines from dealers, auctions and wrecking yards. We deal with many clients worldwide who don't have the time to come to Japan to source their second hand machinery requirements. We can also take you shopping or purchase the products as per your specifications on your behalf. Basically, if it is part of an automotive machine, then we can find it for you. Japanese used vehicles and Japanese used auto parts are our specialty.

Customer Service

After such a long time in the business we are continuously experiencing repeat customers because Nippon Clippon has built up trust with these customers who now continue to buy regularly from us. Our customers no longer consider using another Japanese automotive part supplier. Over the years we have supplied thousands of Japanese used auto parts to many clients worldwide.Their everlasting smile surely makes a difference, and a sign of total satisfaction.

Contact Us

Nippon Clippon (Quality Used Japanese Auto Parts and Vehicles)
Neville Greening, Managing Director

1 Nakamori Sato, Kamo Town,
Kizu Gawa City Kyoto,

Tel: 81+901-599-3659
Fax: 81+77476-0502
Email:                                                                             Web: 

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