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PhoneGoRound: Moving to Korea, Mobile & Smartphone Specialist Suppliers.
World Markets
PhoneGoRound: Moving to Korea, Mobile & Smartphone Specialist Suppliers
Let's also face it: getting a (smart) phone in Korea can be an 'interesting' and 'dubious' experience.

While there is a company that provides smart phones hassle free without the need for a residency card or bank book, many folks, especially expats, would like to:

  • manage their own contracts
  • get new phones at a discounted price
  • work with real people who are on their side, (or at least NOT a telecom company).
We also saw that there was a need, especially among the expat community, for a better way to find a phone available on contract or drop their current contract without any penalties or fees. Many expats come to Korea for a shorter amount of time than traditional two-year contracts require.

Enter Phone Go Round: a service philosophy put into practice:

If someone has a phone on contract they want to get rid of,
if someone wants a phone on contract for less than two years,
there should an online merry(phone)-go-round for these phones!

Giving up a phone on contract?  Looking for a phone on a short contract?

If you have any questions, email us at

Are you wanting to take over a contract for someone in a different city?
Are you leaving Korea and can't find someone in your neighborhood to take over your contract?
Do you want people with experience in phone contracts handling your transfer?
Would you like to get all of this done from the comfort of your own home?

We are happy to offer Premium PGR Services!

We can act on behalf of the original owner or receiver or BOTH in the transaction, and will even review the phone ourselves before it is shipped out.

For example:

Joe in Seoul wants to get rid of his iPhone4s for the new model, but still has a year left on his contract. Sue in Busan is looking for an iPhone4s, but will only be in Korea for a year. She just got her ARC and Bank Book! They would rather not have to make the trip to meet in person.
They email us the required scanned documents, and Joe sends us the phone for review.
We get everything switched over for them, and send the phone to Sue.

They both live happily ever after (separately or together we're not matchmakers, just phone specialists)!

Easy as that, and they didn't even have to leave their homes!

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Gyeonggi Do 465-810
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Fax: 1-866-777-7366 (North America)

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