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Korea Bios. Suppliers of health technology hydrogen water machines, hydrogen water purifiers and hydrogen water filters.
World Markets
Korea Bios. Suppliers of health technology hydrogen water machines, hydrogen water purifiers and hydrogen water filters
Why is hydrogen important to humans?

Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element, constituting roughly 75% of Universe:

- Hydrogen is supplied from plants to the human body by the hydrogen cycle, and is   
  converted to ATP which is the energy source in the body.
- Half a gram of hydrogen is enough to create all the ATP we generate every day in our bodies.
- Our bodies store hydrogen in "hydrogen pools" in the organs and especially the liver, the 
  intestine, the lungs, and the spleen.
- Hydrogen is the most important substance in the body, and must be supplied enough and 
  stored in the organs for metabolism of our bodies.

What is active oxygen (free radical)?

How free radicals act in the cells of our body:

Active oxygen is something like the exhaust fumes produced by automobile engines. If we liken gasoline to food and air to oxygen, active oxygen would correspond to the exhaust fumes produced after the gasoline has combusted.

It is believed that in burning up our food; around two percent of the oxygen we breathe in through our lungs becomes active oxygen.

Active oxygen or free radicals are the main cause for 90% of diseases including Diabetes, ED (Erectile Dysfunction), HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), heart disease, arthritis, cancer, abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation, dehydration, chronic diarrhea, migraines, indigestion, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis and psoriasis.

What is 'Active hydrogen water'?

Active hydrogen

Pure hydrogen is unstable, it attempts to bind with something else and is extremely energetic, or, in other words, active. That is, atomic hydrogen or H- is specially called "active hydrogen" because it has a particularly strong reducing function.

Features of hydrogen water

  • The only anti-oxidant that can penetrate through the cell membrane and remove active oxygen in the cell.
  • It is the tiniest element which can pass though the brain barrier and remove active oxygen happened at the brain nervous system.
  • Because hydrogen water is formed as tiny clusters, it will be absorbed in the intestine in one minute, and can reach every corner of the body in ten minute to work as the powerful scavenger of active oxygen. That is amazing!
Miracle healing water

Why is hydrogen water called miracle healing water? The simple truth is that, according to Dr. Sanetaka Shirahata Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology, Kyushu University, so called miracle healing waters all contain Active Hydrogen (atomic hydrogen) and Hydrogen (molecular hydrogen).

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