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World Markets
Business Network Korea (BNK) - the best place for Foreign and Korean Business Networking.
World Markets
Business Network Korea (BNK) - the best place for Foreign and Korean Business Networking
The main purpose of Business Network Korea (BNK) is to help connect Korea (and Koreans) with the whole world.

Our goals include:

  1. Helping Koreans meet Non - Koreans meet for business purposes
  2. Helping people create win/win situations that will cause both parties to become more successful
  3. Specifically helping people currently in Korea to find a potential partner, intern, service, product, or anything business related.

Business Network Korea was created because it is difficult for Koreans to meet Non Koreans for the purpose of business. There seems to be an invisible barrier between Koreans and Non-Koreans within Korea and there are people on both sides trying to penetrate this wall. Business Network Korea is providing safe passage for the two to meet in an environment that welcomes direct questions regarding business, which is not the norm in South Korea.

The organizers of Business Network Korea (Justin McLeod and Liam Lusk) who are both long term residents of Korea are well aware of the difficulties facing foreigners trying to meet Koreans to conduct business. Usually it takes a lot of time to build a business relationship in Korea. This does not include the time it takes to first meet someone you can have a potential business relationship with.

This is why the BNK Meetups have been created. They are a neutral venue where Koreans can meet Non-Koreans for contact and eventual business relationships.

Many small and medium sized business owners in Korea would love to go global, but lack the resources, network and knowledge of how to do so. 

This is where Business Network Korea comes in; our event provides you with the "introduction" needed to begin a business relationship with a Korean or a foreigner.

Come to a Business Network Korea Meetup and meet people currently in Korea who are looking to begin a business relationship with you. Koreans and foreigners are more likely to do business with those that they meet in person. 

Check out for more information and join the BNK Meetup Group.

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Business Network Korea
Seoul, South Korea



Justin McLeod 010 2521 1971   Liam Lusk  010 2720 5834

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