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World Markets
The International Institute for Outsource Management China.
World Markets
The International Institute for Outsource Management China
IIOM China, as one of thirteen regional offices branches of the International Institute for Outsource Management (IIOM), is committed to 'Leverage our resources to insure your business in China'.

We aim to establish a global high-quality service outsourcing community and E-trading platform.
As a port of Chinese enterprises entering into the oversea markets, IIOM China serves as a strong bridge between the buyers and the vendors. We provide our clients customized market entry strategies and solutions to implementation. With our expertise and experience, we reduce the costs and risks, but highly increasethe efficiency for our clients.We target services, further the development of a lasting trust relationship between buyers and vendors that cannot be found with any other organizations.

Buyers can get qualified outsourcers accompanied by profile data here and outsourcers can get our assistance in utilizing the GSC assessment model to uniquely brand and provide valuable insight into ways of strengthening their business operations. 

IIOM China has nearly 6,000 qualified enterprises members. They can provide various cost-effective services covering the following sectors:

  • Flash/Animation development,
  • Software development,
  • Software testing,
  • E-commerce platform service,
  • Financial & banking services,
  • Call center service,
  • Operation and maintenance of information system,
  • Financial management,
  • Industrial design,
  • Biopharmaceutical,
  • and other outsourcing business solutions.  
IIOM has three outsourcing platforms:, and Through the management of these platforms and organizing international events, IIOM China now has over 6000 Chinese outsource enterprise members, and builds strong relationship with more than 20 cities and their industry parks as well asthe central government.

We also possess our own training and education programs and the outsourcing experts at home and abroad.  Here are our major products and services:

  • GSC (Global Star Certification): the 1st and only outsource provider viability assessment model;
  • COOPM: the 1st certification dedicated to the recognition of special nature of managing outsourced projects;
  • OMBOK: the 1st impressive Outsource Management Body of Knowledge Smart sourcing service: whole-value-chain outsourcing management services, including outsourcing preparation, vendor selection, liaison & connection services, and health check on the project and project management.
  • China-Market-Penetration Service:  
  • Our Outsourcing Platforms:  

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The International Institute for Outsource Management China
Park, No.5 Xinhua Road, New District
WuXi 214028

Tel: +86 510-85386697
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