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Justin McLeod is the Global Business Development Manager for (WMKTS) and he has proven his readiness and capability of managing the challenge of launching new initiatives and developing the steady growth of WMKTS globally.

This became apparent to the founders of WMKTS after Justin's two years of performance based achievements with WMKTS in the Asia and Pacific region, where he is based. He originally joined WMKTS as a Country Manager in the 4th quarter of 2011, where he quickly cemented his success with large sales volumes leading to his promotion in late 2012 to the Asia Pacific Manager. This effort and the results shown further from this promotion have culminated into Justin now becoming the Global Business Development Manager.

Justin has brought with him a variety of skills and knowledge in business from his career in education, management, marketing, engineering design and surveying. Justin holds a degree with a major in marketing and management. He is based in the WMKTS office in Seoul, South Korea and having lived there for most of the last 12+ years, speaks good business Korean; he is originally from New Zealand. He has broad experience in dealing with Asian cultures and relishes meeting business people throughout Asia in order to help them increase their B2B client base and their global exposure worldwide.

Recently Justin stated that "WMKTS has such a great and inexpensive online marketing service that it would be an injustice for me to not show the business owners in Asia how they can benefit from what WMKTS has to offer". It is his belief that any company that joins WMKTS will expand their client base globally and ultimately increase their profits.
Justin is excited about the future with WMKTS. He sees this opportunity as the next stage in his professional career and truly believes that WMKTS will become a household name and the "new and only way" to market businesses online.

Justin thinks that businesses in Asia are innovative and produce world class products but they are often either too small or lack the knowledge on how to grow their businesses worldwide and this is where he believes WMKTS steps in. Justin was quoted as saying that "small and medium sized businesses in Asia have so much to offer the world and it is WMKTS who will help them to do it."

Justin is an extremely approachable, friendly and enthusiastic person who relates to people well. If you have any questions or require information on what WMKTS does and can do for your business then do not hesitate to contact him by e-mail him at


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