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Liam Lusk is the Global Social Media Marketing Manager for (WMKTS) and has been active in social media since 2008 when he started his first blog. He joined WMKTS in March 2013 bringing not only a vast knowledge of understanding for the social media marketing industry but also customer service skills from over 14 years venue management in the U.K.

Having honed his management skills at the London Palladium Theatre he moved into the Cinema industry where he remained until coming to Korea in 2001 where he became involved in business coaching, social media and helping start-ups along with writing and publishing six books and working as a radio presenter in Korea.

Liam is based in the WMKTS office in Seoul, South Korea, he is originally from the U.K. As well as his strong business background from the U.K. he has dealt with a number of start-ups and mid-size companies in Korea helping them with their online marketing. Understanding the importance of being found in the online community Liam recognizes the power of what WMKTS can offer to businesses and organizations who want global visibility. When Liam was first introduced to WMKTS he was genuinely shocked at not only the speed with which you can obtain a Google ranking but also at the low investment required.

Liam was quoted as saying "Normally a company or organization would be required to invest thousands of dollars to achieve similar results through traditional SEO methods".
Liam is always available to help WMKTS clients in any way he can with regard to online marketing and you can contact him through email at

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