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Welcome to Florida

Florida is located in the Southeastern United States with the majority of the state jutting out into the ocean as one large peninsula. The eastern coast of Florida is on the Atlantic Ocean while the western coast and panhandle lay on the Gulf of Mexico. The easy accessibility of water, subtropical climate, and diverse attractions make Florida one of the most widely visited places on Earth. It is ranked fourth among U.S. states in both population and GDP.

Tourism is the one of the primary contributors to Florida's economy. In 2010, nearly 86.2 million tourists contributed about $60 billion to the state's economy. Tourist hot spots include the state's abundant beaches, Walt Disney World, MGM Studios, the Florida Keys, the Kennedy space center at Cape Canaveral, and the Everglades National Park. Agriculture is another key factor in Florida's economy. Florida leads the nation in production of oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines. Commercial fishing and manufacturing also play a substantial role.

The Port of Miami is one of the world's busiest ports and provides over $16 billion annually to the region's economy. Four million cruise passengers pass through the port annually, as well as nine million tons of cargo. These statistics have granted the port twin distinctions as both the 'Cruise Capital of the World' and the 'Cargo Gateway of the Americas'.

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