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World Markets

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Trevor G. Lott, founder and co shareholder of WMKTS Limited, has more than 25 years worth of strategic international business experience.

Trevor, along with his partner and CEO, Gerald Elliott, have created the 'B2B Concept' for, which provides a global Internet outlet for international businesses looking for strategic partners, clientele, or third-party alliances. Trevor's specific role as VP Global : Sales & Marketing is to develop business strategy, and drive the sales and marketing efforts for the company's Internet based vehicle, - headquartered in London, with offices in Spain, New York & Vietnam

Trevor is a veteran of many corporate business start-ups, and eventual worldwide rollout deployments of product and business groups. He has driven international start ups for several high profile companies, such as the global entrance of Samsung IT and Com's products (mobile) for the first time in Europe and the subsequent international rollout, which encompassed sales, marketing, public relations, distribution and technical launch phases in London, England and Seoul, South Korea.

Trevor also established global business for Canon's copier indirect dealer business in the UK, and rolled out the initial plans for deployment in London, England.  His international efforts also included the start up for IBM's online consumer business for deployment across EMEA countries, and Paris, France.  He also had worldwide responsibility for an IBM education software products division in Austin, Texas, and IBM EMEA (Aptiva) computer products, as Director in Basingstoke, UK.

His international career has provided a unique "hands on approach" and strong value-add for, which has now connected over 200,000 businesses in less than five months since inception in March 2011

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