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Getting the Very Best Deal in Buying a Light Aircraft or Jet, We have access to 80,000 of them.

by: Eric Eckardt on 27th Feb, 2017

What is the basis of corporate and executive travel? Convenience, luxury, productivity and time. This is what makes the ability to fly anywhere very attractive for owners. Individuals and companies that own their own aircraft typically increase their success in regards to both business and life style. How does one go about buying an aircraft or helicopter?

The traditional method of buying an aircraft is to find a broker, pilot or someone that has the knowledge that will allow you to make comparisons or even help to advise on what would be the best suited aircraft for your needs. Where do you go when you need to sell or trade aircraft? We provide the total package, start to finish for buyers and sellers. We have database information of over 80,000 aircraft owners, charter companies, finance companies, and any business related to aircraft ownership.

 The aircraft brokerage model is similar to real estate brokerage, with a number of exceptions. There are no set rules in regards to the commission. Anyone can hang up a shingle with their name on it, pay the brokerage license fee to FAA, which is quite minimal, and state they are an aircraft sales agent. With the lack of regulation, there are opportunities for both good and bad brokers. The FAA regulates countless aspects in the aviation industry from ownership bill of sales, registration paperwork, security agreements and lien releases to regulating maintenance shops ensuring acceptable working conditions for aircraft along with Pilots and their qualifications. Outside of that a buyer is in a wild West scenario for choices and options. Flight Source International, Inc. consistently represents on exclusive listings, with numerous jet, turboprop, helicopter and commercial aircraft.

 With any high ticket good there is always a “buyer beware” mentality. The aircraft broker model hasn’t changed very much over the last 25 years. Companies that are in business for many years sometimes struggle to keep up with the changing global information accessibility provided by the Internet. The industry deficiencies started when these companies assumed that a broker was not only supposed to be a great salesperson, but also an advertising and marketing specialist. The support required to professionally market aircraft worth millions is continually changing and subject to the cutting-edge technologies of today’s market. We pride ourselves in the fact that we advertise in 75 different Internet sites along with certain print ads. Referrals and return clientele are also another key, our clients have continually come back to us to purchase multiple aircraft over the years.
Flight Source International, Inc. is a Florida based corporation, established in 1994, consisting of skilled professionals in the aircraft industry. Our goals are to successfully sell and build lasting long term relationships with all our clients throughout the globe. With our International network of associates and representatives, we have established a worldwide presence representing buyers and sellers.
Buy Your Jet, Turboprop or Helicopter the right way. Knowledge of the entire market including “off-market aircraft” is at your fingertips.
Trade your aircraft with complete aircraft and helicopter solutions, from retail to fleet sales, leasing and finance options. Searching the worldwide marketplace for acquisitions and aircraft trades is our specialty. Let us expedite the process of buying or selling corporate jets, turboprops and helicopters.
Time is valuable, list your aircraft with Flight Source International, Inc. Simplify the process of marketing, negotiating and finalizing your aircraft transaction. From identifying to finalizing the aircraft of your dreams, we will achieve this for you.

 Established in 1994, starting out as a family business, Flight Source International, Inc. has provided corporate aviation consultancy to countless individuals and companies. Our Knowledge, experience, and familiarity with international sales and acquisitions is “Above the Box” in the aviation arena. Our experienced staff includes pilots, maintenance, finance and sales professionals in addition to our agents who  backgrounds in entertainment, sports and the fashion industry. With worldwide experience and integrity, our agents speak various languages fluently and operate fluidly within many different cultures.

 Flight Source International Inc. is in a rapidly expanding mode. Our optimistic philosophy promotes business in the world economy. Our brand-name and logo are trademarked to open regional agencies throughout the globe creating a standard of excellence serving our clients.

 Flight Source International has agents in Las Vegas, Canada, Panama, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia. Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Italy, Russia, Nepal, South Africa, West Africa, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain along with continually expanding offices worldwide. Call us for franchise opportunities.

For the most up to date info on their global sales and service, feel free to contact the president and any of his client support team.
Eric Eckardt
Flight Source International Inc.
 8100 15th Street East
Sarasota, FL USA 34243
Office: 941-355-9585
Fax: 941-296-7442
Cell: 941-586-6345
Skype: eric.eckardt1

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