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Yeppers Gaming, a One-of-a-Kind Social Gaming Web-Site, (Free-to-play) Gaming for a Cause

by: Tim Delaney on 15th Mar, 2017

Yeppers Gaming is a company who has developed a one-of-a-kind social gaming platform (aka Free-to-play) that is designed to create and leverage communities for celebrities, non profits, and big brands. 

The company is currently in beta and projects their public launch in Q3 2017.

This exciting platform is more than a simple social casino gaming platform.  Due to demand and interest, it has morphed to be a digital marketing platform. 

The company is able to make some bold claims, including guaranteeing the following:
1) x millions of consumers interacting with a brand for 30-60 minutes at a time.
2) 100% commercial views
3) 100% banner ad views (in a strategically placed location)
4) the highest view rate on general banners than any other site on the internet

Another element that makes the platform very unique, is that they set up celebrities, athletes, and non profits as "affiliates (aka hosts)."  What that means is that the company will create a branded parlor for participating hosts with the idea being that the hosts will promote each tournament to their fans, members, and/or donor bases. 

When a player signs up through the host, that player becomes a lifetime asset of the host.  So every time that player plays, the host is earning a % of the revenue being generated by the player.  Because of this model, the company has hundreds of celebrities, athletes, and non profits wanting to participate.  Each and every contest the company holds will also benefit up to 10 non profits.  Each Non profit will get television exposure as well as a check at the end of the tournament.

As the company does not charge the players to play, the platform is legal in most jurisdictions around the world, including the US.  As such, the company has established significant distribution partners from the following markets: Brazil, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, China, South Korea, India, and South Africa. 

Yeppers! is currently raising second round funds, to be used for further game development, purchasing an ad server, marketing, hosting, and general operating capital.  The company is poised to be a major force in social gaming as their model is designed to grow very quickly.

In keeping consistent with their mantra of "helping the little guy" the company has opted to sell shares of stock in their company via crowdfunding as they want to allow small investors the opportunity to get in on something very special, before the big investors come in.

Contact, & for more Information:

Tim Delaney, President

(001) 503-380-1692

URL for the campaign is:

Or just click on the WEB-LINK below.

Link: |

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