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Solving the YZ Generation Dilemmas, in the USA, and Overseas, Now Baby Boomers are Leaving..

by: Andy Gateriewictz/ Terry Ostrowiak on 15th Mar, 2017

The demographics of the world workforce is drastically changing right now.

The Baby Boomer Generation with interpersonal skills is being replaced by TechGens with incredible technological skills.

By 2020: a) 70% of the workforce will be TechGen; and b) 50% of employees will be working for companies and 50% will be part of the small business Gig Economy.
A minimum 20% of Tech Gen change jobs annually
Didn’t see it coming, did you?
Thought the management style for Boomers and Gen X would be passed on to YZ Generations (1982-). Wrong!!

In the next 4 years The Change will be complete. 76% percent of employees will be the Technology Generations (TechGen).
Another part of the equation is new technology applications will be influencing all business types. Who embraces the new apps quickly.  Of course, the TechGen. You need them. Plus they are the only labor force in town.

What are you doing to develop interpersonal skills to complement the YZ Generations technology skills?

How can a stable team with complementary talents be created to execute the 5-year plan?
Are you creating a Retention Plan for the TechGen you have identified as future leaders?
Or do you want to manage your team that changes every 16-24 months and costs $25,000 when one younger leader leaves the company?

The torch has been passed from the retiring Boomer Generation to the emerging Technology Generation. Wouldn’t it be great to combine the interpersonal skills of the Boomers with the tech skills of the TechGen. Think of what an employee for the future that would be.

How to develop and retain a team to execute future technology driven strategic plans.
How to help TechGen combine technological and acquire interpersonal skills to succeed in both the corporate and Gig Economy business sectors.
Well, that is what YZ Generations does.

We don’t complain about younger generations. We help them succeed.

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