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News Announces New Ownership in Europe.

by: WMKTS. PR. on 18th Apr, 2017

Madrid, April 2017
Group WMKTS Ltd, announced today that the ownership of their PR/press and networking platform has transferred ownership to co founder Trevor Lott.

Registered in the UK, and with offices in London, the transfer of ownership now moves to Spain.

Recognised as an earlier odopter of organic SEO and PR- networking, it retains its relationships with some of the worlds top press announcement services, such as PR Newswire in the USA and Europe, and the German group news service EQS based out of Shanghai. 

In a statement by the group, Trevor Lott, said, "this is a great opportunity, to join with other vendors to make the continued grwoth both in customer aquasistion and revenue in particular the USA, where there has been some strong growth in particular the main business cities"

Lott went on to say that he expects to make some more major annocements befor the end of April 2017, reflecting more business opportunities.

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